Protego Protected

Protego Protected is our automated vulnerability assessment and threat management solution.

Using next generation threat assessment software, we continuously monitor and assess your perimeter infrastructure for the latest threats.

We protect your business against the following:
- Threats: The number of vulnerabilities identified in your organization
- Patches: Details of any patches missing across your estate
- Risk: The overall risk to your business

Our service provides the flexibility to assess your critical business systems with the highest level of protection of daily assessments to weekly and monthly for less critical systems.

Using dedicated Protego Infrastructure located in California and London we systematically assess the health of your systems to identify any threats or vulnerabilities which can be used to launch an attack against your business.

We then conduct a detailed analysis to assess and prioritise the risk to your organisation and provide expert recommendations to mitigate the findings. We are also equipped/dedicated to provide assistance to your business should you require any help in closing off the associated risks.

Unique to Protego, we have developed Protego Scanner, which is a virtual appliance that can be deployed to your internal network to remotely assess your internal assets.

Our assessment uses a proven 5 stage methodology to systematically query your systems with granular detail to identify any elusive vulnerabilities.

Assessments can be conducted:
- Daily
- Weekly
- Monthly
- On Demand



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