Cybersecurity| Startups


We understand the Cyber challenges faced by Startups:

  • Delivering your product or service on time and securely

  • Keeping the bad guys out

  • Protecting your data, client data and your “secret sauce”

  • Under-resourced security expertise

  • Managing risks and threats across your business

  • Implementing effective information security.


Potential consequences

  • Brand and reputation damage

  • Loss of consumer and business partner confidence

  • Loss of market value and clients

  • Regulator sanctions and fines

  • Time and cost of responding to breaches

How Protego can help:

1) First Look – Assess your Organization’s Cyber State

  • We assess and boost the security level of your business

  • We identify weaknesses in your Source Code, Infrastructure and


2) Rapid Mitigation – Achieving a Secure State

  • We then conduct a detailed analysis to assess and prioritize the risk to your organization and provide expert recommendations to mitigate the findings.

3) Rapid Mitigation – Achieving a Secure State

  • Finally, to maintain the achieved Secure State - Using our Cyber threat assessment technology, we continuously monitor and assess your business for the latest threats.





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Cybersecurity for Startups





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